Pregnancy Planning A healthy pregnancy begins with a healthy mother.

Are you thinking about becoming pregnant? With so much to consider while planning for a little one and a growing family, it’s especially important to make your reproductive health a top priority, and MOMS is here to help guide you along the way. Mental and physical well-being contributes to improved health outcomes for infants and mothers. Women of reproductive age can benefit from preconception care, including but not limited to mental, physical and fertility health counseling, health and reproductive education; planning resources; health exams, screenings, and tests. MOMS helps you find the resources you need for healthy pregnancy planning.

Pregnancy Planning Resources Find the family planning care you need for the pregnancy you deserve.

  • Learn more about Title X services through Montana Family Planning Program, which provides comprehensive reproductive health services, regardless of ability to pay.
  • "Plan First" is the Montana Medicaid Waiver you'll need to access these services for free or reduced rate. Apply online here.
  • Find a clinic near you and make an appointment. To find a list of clinics, click here.

Learn More before you get pregnant

Family Planning – U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

An overview of family planning and why it’s important.

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The Montana Family Planning Program

Reproductive and Sexual Health Services for Montanans

Learn more

Title X Services – Montana Family Planning

A list of services provided by Montana’s Title X Family Planning Clinics

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Montana Family Planning Title X Clinic Directory

Find the Family Planning Clinic closest to you.

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Plan First

A Montana Medicaid Waiver that covers family planning services for eligible women, like office visits, contraceptive supplies, laboratory services, and testing and treatment of STDs.

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Before You Get Pregnant – U.S. Office of Women’s Health

Learn about: reproductive plans, birth control, preconception health, conception, knowing if you are pregnant, and unplanned pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Planning Resources for American Indian Populations in Montana

Pregnancy Health Prenatal health is vital to healthy outcomes for mother and child.

Pregnancy can be overwhelming. Your body is working overtime, and you’re doing everything for two. You probably have a lot of questions like: What should I eat? What tests do I need? What are the stages of pregnancy? Is what I’m feeling normal? What will labor and delivery be like? MOMS helps you find answer to these questions and more, and find resources for prenatal benefits, regular doctor visits, check-ups, tests and procedures, and learn about what life will be like once your baby is here.

  • Make sure you've got a doctor. Early prenatal care is important. Make an appointment today!
  • Make sure you've got health insurance - apply for Medicaid here.
  • Eat healthy! Get signed up with WIC. Eligibility guidelines. Clinics are listed here.
  • Pregnancy rights
  • Apps that can help you stay on track. Here are a few that are good.


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Pregnancy Resources Take care of yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy Resources for American Indian Populations in Montana

Postpartum Care You and your new baby need all the support you can get.

Having a new baby is as overwhelming as it is magical, and babies grow quickly! Raising a tiny human takes a lot of love and a lot of hard work, and it also takes a village. MOMS helps you find and access that network of caregivers and resources dedicated to making sure you and your child have what you both need to stay happy and healthy, from food and nutrition, to medical services and childcare assistance through the newborn stage and beyond.

Postpartum Resources Make a healthy transition into motherhood.

Newborn, Mother and Child Health Care
Montana Newborn Screening
Services for Montana Children and Families
Montana Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids Plus– Healthcare benefits for eligible and low-income Montanans (application here)
Healthy Montana Kids – Children’s Health Insurance Plan
Healthy Montana Families – Maternal and Early Childhood Home Visiting

Food + Nutrition Assistance
Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program – Montana's Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
Montana Medicaid– Apply for Food (SNAP, TANF) and Cash Assistance

Montana Breastfeeding Support
Montana Breastfeeding Resources
Medicaid-Covered Breast Pump Order Form
Breastfeeding – U.S. Office of Women’s Health

Montana Childcare Assistance
Family Connections Montana (Childcare Assistance)
Early Childhood Services Bureau

Child Support
Child Support in Montana

Postpartum Depression and Mental Health Services
Postpartum Depression FAQ
Postpartum Support International – Montana
Adult Mental Health Services
Children’s Mental Health Services

General Postnatal
U.S. Office of Women’s Health General Information
Labor, childbirth and beyond.

Postpartum Resources for American Indian Populations in Montana
Urban Indian Health Centers of Montana
Find Health Care – Indian Health Service
The Healthy Young Parent Program: Provides coordinated support for young expectant and parenting families in tribal communities, high schools, institutions of higher education, and community-based service centers. 

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